Version 2.6


  • Nothing Yet
  • Division Hall (Forest Town/Norville) title color changed
  • 1st and 2nd Class Change Items (Light/Dark) Icons changed
  • Item cap for Weapon Dust increased from 9999 -> 100,000
  • Transcendence Job Change items added to Ultimate Area premium shops
  • Class Change Requirement: Must be 1st class to change to 2nd class and 2nd Class to change to Transcendence.

Quest Update

  • Class Quest now in the Quest Tab of the menu
    • 1st and 2nd Class change (Light/Dark) now gives you the 1st/2nd Class Change (Light/Dark) item upon completion
  • Ultimate Area quests are now handled in the Quest Tab of the menu

Enemy Balance

  • Special/Extra Attributes have been readjusted for a lot of enemies
    • Lower enemies (Forest Town -> Demon Castle) have been scaled down
    • Higher enemies (Shadow Towers -> Cape Dread) have been scaled up sharply
      • Attack States have been adjusted as well to match these rates
  • Imp Critical Evasion 40% -> Attack State: Chaos 40%
  • Snake Attack State: Paralyze 40% -> Attack State: Toxic 40%
  • Attack State: Paralyze 40% added to Spider
  • Attack States added to Creation, Sentience and Afterlife
  • Erroneous text when Class Change item was used
  • Item popups when item regrant was initiated due to user error
  • Fairy (Lost Forest) wasn't a proper repeatable boss
  • Ice Soul Paralyze attack state changed to Freeze
  • Nothing Yet

Hello again. New round of updates, much to go over. So, let's get into it!


  • Division Hall has had its titles colors updated to match more of how it looks internally.
  • The 1st and 2nd class change item icons were changed and unified for both the Dark and Light sides. 
  • Item Cap for Weapon Dust was updated to make exchanging easier for massive amounts of Weapon Dust. 
  • Transcendence Class Change was added to Ultimate Area shops for convenience. This will probably become a drop from the Ultimate Boss's.
  • Class quests have been moved to the Quest Tab in the menu. You can check updates for your quest there. They also now give you the Class Change Quest item instead of changing your class by force. It is also a requirement that you are of the previous class before changing to a higher class. This backend logic prevents skipping a class, either by accident or on purpose. 
  • Snowfall Town and Valley Village Ultimate Areas quest is now handled inside the Quest Tab of the Menu. The logic here is to merge the Sprite Log and the Quest dialog into one area for quick reference. Same goes for Class Change Quests.
  • The Special and Extra Attributes have been updated for a lot of enemies. They have been scaled down for anything before Shadow Towers and from Shadow Towers and beyond, enemies have been sharply buffed. This is due to how easy they become once you gain certain weapons and stats. 
  • Some enemies have also seen their buffs changed to attack states to further complicate later enemies.
  • Final Bosses have also gained Attack States since they are the hardest thing you will face anyway.


  • When using class change items or even just changing classes, the text would be cut off. This was due to an oversight with plugin usage and has been fixed.
  • When a user would use an item in error, the way the system handles such a situation is push an error notification to the user and then regrant the item since it was used. When regranting, there would be a popup showing the regranting rather than silently regranting item.
  • The Fairy in Lost Forest could not be fought again. This was not intended and has been subsequently fixed so you can fight her as long as the forest is open.
  • Ice Soul should have had Freeze as an Attack State and not Paralyze.